Friday, August 16, 2013

Making Espresso at Home

I am a huge coffee fan and recently started buying pricy little shots of espresso  at the coffee shop.  So I decided that maybe I should start making them at home…this is how I did it!
I started by purchasing this little aluminum espresso maker, it was only $3.00!  It’s small and only makes one serving of espresso so it is ideal for just one person. 
On a trip to the grocery store I picked up some ground espresso, I researched a little and this seems to be a favorite and easy to find in most stores.  Although, I would be interested to try any other brands you could suggest.
I just followed the directions on the box of the espresso maker.  1. Fill bottom with water. 2. Fill the coffee holder with the espresso grounds.
3. Attach the top and bottom together and set on the stove on medium high until you hear the gurgling of the coffee making (about 5-8 minutes).
4. Remove from heat and let it set for 2 minutes. While my espresso was on the stove I made a cute little clear storage canister bought from the $store and painted “espresso” on it.
Now that the espresso is made pour yourself a cup and enjoy!!
I put all the items needed for a quick fix in a basket and it will stay on my coffee cart…ready to go!!
Hope you enjoyed this little project it was a fun easy way to get my “fix” without having to go to the pricy coffee shop!!
Any suggestions on different brands of espresso coffee?

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  1. I'm not a coffee drinker, but I like that little espresso maker! Love what you did with the jar and the little basket you made up for it all. Perfect for your coffee bar and fun to look at!

  2. I love coffee! & Use a espresso pot like that for camping. Thanks for sharing & linking up at the party!! Hope to see you again this week.