Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fun finds

I have recently found some fun treasures for my new house.  I really want my d├ęcor to show my personality and make my home an authentic reflection of me.  Here is a peak of some of the fun finds that will be taking up residence in the new house!
Wood and gold “Made in Italy” coffee bar cart, wooden trays for entryway table, handle divided silverware holder and the coffee/tea container with lid.
I have plans for this cabinet to hold all my media and electronics for the living area.
Bamboo entryway table, this was a score I found in Fredericksburg, TX at Trade Days this past weekend. A little paint color and it will look fabulous!
I also scored these beauty’s in Fredericksburg thanks to the great eye of my sister Vintage Momma.  6 matching dinning table chairs.  They are in great condition, heavy and just so lovely!
Another shot of the chairs, I think they will be perfect with a vintage farmhouse table.
Southwest rug….need I say more!
I am so happy that we took our annual family vacation in Fredericksburg during Trade Days weekend, I definitely will be taking another trip there! 
I have more treasures to show stay tuned for part 2 of my fun finds!   I am on my way to making my new home a more authentic reflection of me.  How do you decorate your home to show off your personality?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Go Dog Go

When I was a little girl my favorite book to read was Go Dog Go!  By the age of 5 I had the entire thing memorized.  I even had my father draw a little ladder on a page so the dogs would have a way to get down from the house.  The book became worn and tethered, it even had to be repaired with brown packing tape just to stay together.

Now I get to read my favorite childhood book to my niece and nephew and it warms my heart to make these memories with them.
 twins reading_e
My favorite part of this story in the book is where the female dog asks her male dog friend if he likes her hat.  His response is “no I do not like that hat.”  so the story continues then again she asks “do you like my hat” again he replies no.  Each time her hat gets bigger and more elaborate and then finally at the end she asks again “now do you like my hat” and he replies “yes I like that party hat.”  Looking back I don’t think then I thought this had any particular meaning to the story, but today I see how we especially women are searching for approval and acceptance.  We want everyone to “like” our “hats” and when they don’t we try even harder the next time.  There wasn’t anything wrong with the first hat the female dog had on in the book.  The fact that her friend didn’t like it shouldn’t be important just as long as she liked it and she felt great wearing it.  That is all that matters.  So let us take note from this Go Dog Go book because life should be a party no matter what “hat” your wearing!

Friday, February 8, 2013


“We must hurt in order to grow.  We must fail in order to know.  We must lose in order to gain. Because some lessons in life are best learned through pain.”-author unknown


It has been a very long and trying week to say the least, but today I drove by my new home-site and saw this…..photo9_e

Already this new house has given me a place of refuge. I can go there to think in solitude, pray and just know that there is a greater purpose. So today, I am thankful of all the things the Lord has given me and everything he hasn’t.

Sometimes a few days are all you need to make things right.